Study in USA After 12th

study in usa after 12th

USA has long been seen as the Land of Opportunities and is now an international centre for higher education. Home to highly esteemed universities and colleges with world class facilities, its diverse culture and education foster global awareness in students – not to mention ample research opportunities and extra curricular activities available – leading them to seek admission after 12th class exams in India.

After graduating with your 12th Commerce in the US, there is an abundance of courses you can pursue after. Your choice depends on your aptitude and future plans – some popular commerce courses include accounting, marketing, finance and business management; these may even offer job opportunities upon completion!

Eligibility requirements to study in America after 12th differ depending on which university you apply to; however, most require you to achieve high scores on standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT as well as having a strong Statement of Purpose (SOP) with multiple Letters of Recommendation from academic counsellors, teachers and previous employers.

Apart from these requirements, you will also require a valid passport and student visa to study in the US. With such high living costs in mind, budget for expenses as early as possible and apply for financial aid early. Scholarship application processes can often be complex and lengthy but many top universities have “need-blind” admission policies which don’t take an applicant’s financial status into consideration during selection processes.


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