Work and Study in the UK

work and study in the uk

International students studying in the UK often seek part-time jobs during their studies to gain more work experience in the job market. There are certain rules and limitations you must keep in mind before beginning working; one such restriction is that your hours per week cannot exceed those allowed by your visa – exceeding it may breach immigration conditions and result in both you and your employer incurring fines of several thousands of pounds each.

Work and study regulations in the UK can be complex, so it is wise to consult your school or adviser before making decisions regarding employment during university. They may be able to give advice about finding jobs that match up well with your skills and experience as well as when is best time for you to look.

Keep in mind that your university may offer its own internship or other work experience programs; these are often more suitable than part-time work in helping gain work experience. Furthermore, if your degree program requires an approved work placement requirement during term time as part of its requirements then this counts as legitimate part of the program and full-time jobs are allowed as legitimate aspects of it.

However, you should keep in mind that you should not solely rely on working to pay tuition and living expenses, but should save enough before beginning studies. Otherwise, this could violate the conditions of your visa and lead to removal from the country and an extended ban from reentering.