Cheapest US Universities For International Students

cheapest us universities for international students

As an international student, there are a number of things you should take into account before selecting your college. First of all, find out what the costs will be in terms of tuition fees, living expenses and any fees – there should be a page on each university website detailing this information for you – public universities will generally be more cost effective than private ones and some disciplines (humanities/arts degrees for instance) may be cheaper than engineering/medical degrees.

USC is an excellent option for international students and has much to offer them. In 2018, over 8700 international students from 50 different nations were enrolled. USC also provides country scholarships in China, Brazil and Korea – making it a sought-after institution.

University of Michigan is another popular option, having welcomed over 7100 international students in 2018. Their engineering program ranks 21st globally while tuition costs can be very affordable if students can secure scholarships.

Bemidji State University, situated in a small city in Minnesota, offers something special to outdoor and winter sports enthusiasts. As a public university offering 70 Bachelor’s programs and eight Master’s programmes – at very reasonable tuition rates! International students also find Bemidji State to be an affordable option with plenty of clubs and student groups as well as an Achieve High GPA Scholarship that reduces tuition fees significantly.