Education Fest – An Opportunity For Students to Learn About Various Fields of Science, Technology and Digital Transformation

education fest

Education Fest provides an ideal venue for students to gain knowledge in science, technology and trending innovations while getting hands-on experience with them. This year’s festival features satellite technology, decision intelligence, 5G robotics and digital transformation as the focal topics. High school and college students are welcome, with speakers from 500 companies sharing information on new trends that could open career doors within these newer fields – plus Mysuru engineering colleges provide ample space to host these sessions!

In 2023, Wellington College will play host to the 13th Festival of Education conference. This two-day conference brings educators from around the globe together for invaluable CPD and discussions. All our in-person sessions will be broadcast live worldwide and then reposted on COLLECTION:live the following morning.

Tickets may be returned up to 30 days prior to the festival for a full refund.

Pamela Hurtado, a graduate of Texas Tech University, has taught music in numerous schools around the Dallas/Forth Worth area for several years. Her choirs have earned sweepstake ratings and awards at local, state, regional and international competitions; her passion is inspiring joyous students with a love of music!

Julie Mutnansky serves as Director of GRAMMY In The Schools for the Museum Foundation, overseeing programs like GRAMMY Camp, GRAMMY Camp: Weekend, GRAMMY Museum Summer Session and GRAMMY Signature Schools. She credits her own musical experiences as giving her a firm foundation upon which to build. Julie appreciates sharing this opportunity with students and teachers across the nation.