How to Find an English Course in Ireland

english course ireland

English courses in Ireland provide students with an exceptional opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant, welcoming culture while sharpening their language skills. Renowned for its rich history and welcoming locals, Ireland also features modern cityscapes with world-class universities – making studying here an opportunity that could open many professional doors.

Its capital city boasts an extensive variety of English schools, institutes, and prestigious universities that provide comprehensive linguistic studies. Some schools specialize in specific areas like Business English or Young Learners programs while others prepare students to sit for Cambridge exams that lead to professional qualifications in various fields.

Dublin is Ireland’s main center for English language studies and boasts the most academies and schools offering language programs, from general English classes to preparation for Cambridge exams. Most private institutions offering these services provide full packages that include tuition, accommodation and extra-curricular activities in their tuition fee.

Non-EEA students wishing to study in Ireland must find an accredited course through ACELS; those whose programs do not appear on this list will require a visa in order to enter. Short-term language courses offer an easier path, since those attending for less than 90 days are considered tourists and therefore won’t require one for entry.


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