Master Degree in France in English

master degree in france in english

In France, universities confer the Master degree to graduates in different fields through designation as Master en Sciences or Arts degrees awarded by the state and universities respectively in English for courses lasting one, three, or six semesters with a dissertation at their conclusion. Depending on which university it’s conferred from, different titles for these degrees may include “Master”, “Master of Advanced Studies”, or even just plain old “Master”. A degree in French literature or culture can also be awarded as either “Master of Letters” or “Master of Arts”.

French universities are increasingly offering Master’s programs taught entirely in English for international students from around the globe; especially those from countries where French isn’t widely spoken. French universities provide high quality programs in international business, economics, management and marketing that are in high demand worldwide.

Before embarking on your degree studies in France, those unfamiliar with French should enroll in some French classes. Learning basic French skills will make life much simpler while living there; from being able to navigate around and speak with locals more freely to making your study experience much more pleasurable and ultimately more rewarding. You might even wish to consider taking the DALF or DELF exam since some universities require applicants pass it before accepting them as applicants.