Requirements to Study Abroad

requirements to study abroad

If you are a student and dream of completing your higher education at an esteemed university abroad, certain requirements must be fulfilled first. Some requirements will remain constant across countries while others may differ depending on which college you want to study at. You will likely have to pass one or more language or general exams like IELTS, TOEFL and PTE before entering school; additionally some colleges also require you to present an eligibility certificate as proof.

Students seeking to study abroad must fulfill the eligibility criteria set forth by their chosen institute. You will typically need to pass your 12th exam with high grades, take an English proficiency test and give an English proficiency exam as proof of language skills. Some colleges also request an eligibility certificate showing you have sufficient funds available for overseas studies.

Your study abroad experience will allow you to experience and discover different environments and cultures, which will challenge your worldview and teach you that there are numerous other ways of seeing life, humanity, geopolitics, the environment and more. These experiences will have long-lasting implications on your personal, career and familial life.

Studying abroad provides you with an invaluable opportunity for personal development. It will teach you life skills like independence and adaptability that will increase your self-confidence while simultaneously making you more culturally sensitive – an asset in both the workplace and elsewhere.


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