Study Accounting in New Zealand

Are you dreaming of working in a prestigious organization, as depicted in movies, and experiencing corporate life for real? Perhaps you possess an aptitude for managing numbers and want to pursue a career as an accountant?

New Zealand is renowned for its high quality education, gorgeous landscape, vibrant student culture and safe country – offering great job prospects to graduates with tuition costs up to $26,800 annually depending on which university.

New Zealand boasts numerous universities that offer accounting degree programmes, with Otago University being one of them, boasting academic excellence, research excellence, and vibrant student life – which make it popular with international students.

The University of Auckland is an esteemed academic institution known for its wide range of degrees including accounting. Consistently ranked at the top both globally and locally, its top-notch academic standards, robust research programs, and vibrant student life make it one of the leading institutions worldwide.

The University of Waikato provides an array of degrees in accounting, with accounting serving as either a major or minor subject in their Bachelor of Business with CAANZ/CPA Australia pathway and Bachelor of Management Studies without CPA Australia pathway degrees, respectively. A masters degree can also be pursued and upon graduation international students have the option of staying for 3 years on post-study work visas in New Zealand.