Study in USA Without SAT

study in usa without sat

The SAT and ACT exams are entrance exams used by colleges to assess students’ academic abilities. Their scores have long been seen as vitally important when making admission decisions; even above GPA and transcript consideration. But recently many colleges have started becoming test-optional – meaning they don’t require that students submit standardised test scores as part of admission criteria – meaning there may be plenty of universities who won’t consider your scores when considering your application for admission.

Universities offering test-optional programs are increasingly popular among prospective students who do not feel confident taking the standardized tests or have experienced crippling test anxiety, as well as students from minority groups whose low scores might be affected by factors beyond their control like poverty or family circumstances. This trend provides welcome relief to prospective students.

Institutions such as UC Berkeley and Brandeis recognize that high school performance provides a more accurate representation of academic abilities than any single standardized test score can. Students who exhibit idealistic ambition, creativity, or hold unique points of view should strongly consider applying to one of these colleges.