Study MBBS in USA

study mbbs in usa

Study MBBS in USA has become one of the premier courses for medical students worldwide due to its outstanding infrastructure, excellent faculty, and world-class educational system. Furthermore, due to research being done both technologically and medically in America – which makes studying here so attractive – and being known for conducting cutting-edge medical research – many of India’s premier MBBS colleges now have campuses there too allowing their students to gain valuable clinical exposure while learning theoretical aspects of medicine at once!

Once a student completes his or her MD in the USA, they are then required to enroll in a residency program that may last from 3-7 years depending on their stream of specialisation. Following completion, he or she can practice both in India and America; studying MBBS abroad provides greater job prospects. Furthermore, no donation fees or capitation fees exist which is another perk of studying here.

Students aspiring to pursue MBBS studies in the USA must meet certain criteria in order to be admitted into any medical college. At least 50% marks on their 10+2 exam must be achieved and they must clear NEET. They also require academic transcripts of previous studies and possessing valid passports; additionally they must achieve a favorable rank on Medical College Admission Tests (MCAT), which assess thinking skills, knowledge and working abilities as doctors.