What Kind of Summer Internships Abroad Are Right For You?

summer internships abroad

Internships abroad can be an excellent way to expand your resume and add professional experience for college applications, but you might be confused as to which kind is the most suited to you. Consider what qualities and gains you want out of an opportunity when selecting one – then decide the ideal internship accordingly!

Are you seeking to apply your creativity or develop analytical skills through employment in a field that allows for creative expression or honing analytical abilities? An art internship in a museum could be ideal for those majoring in anthropology, archaeology, cultures and societies or arts while an economics, finance or accounting major might find more fulfillment with business internship opportunities.

Do your interests lie in entrepreneurship or international business? An internship at one of the world’s premier business centers could make an immediate impactful statement about who you are as an aspiring entrepreneur or professional in future careers – consider Deloitte or Citibank among many other global firms!

Are you curious to gain more insight into the unique challenges healthcare professionals encounter? An internship in India or Nepal would enable you to better comprehend providing care in environments with limited resources.

Be it hands on or office-based, there is bound to be an internship abroad that meets your career aspirations. When exploring options abroad, submit your application as soon as possible in order to lock in the price of the Program Fee and secure your spot on a program.


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