English Speaking Universities in France

english speaking universities in france

Studying abroad can be an incredible way to broaden your horizons, discover a different culture and receive an invaluable education for life. However, studying in France might seem intimidating at first. But universities in France are meeting international student demand by offering programs completely or mostly taught in English; according to Campus France there are now 125 undergraduate study abroad programs, 1,200 Master’s degree programs and 140 short courses taught entirely or mostly in English.

No matter your educational level – from an undergraduate looking to take advantage of an exchange semester abroad or a postgraduate student embarking on their research PhD, France offers English speaking universities for all degrees. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all degrees will be taught exclusively in English – make sure you visit each university’s page to check any language requirements so you get exactly what you’re after!

Though most programs are taught in English, it’s still wise to begin learning French early at least to a conversational level. Doing so can open doors at local organizations and companies as only 40% of French locals speak fluent English compared to 40% who can understand it easily from abroad. Learning French early also assists when communicating with French citizens or tourists visiting France; additionally it will aid you when communicating with those studying at universities which don’t advertise as english-speaking ones (noted below). If studying at one that does provide these resources can find out more details regarding its courses here


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