List of University Accept GRE Score

GRE scores are one of the key elements to earning admission into top US universities. Most institutions set a cut-off range as minimum acceptable GRE scores, although some colleges may accept candidates who did poorly on tests as well. This article will help you locate universities accepting GRE Score and assist in making informed decisions on where you can apply based on your current score.

SUNY Albany is a public research university situated in upstate New York and affiliated with the American Association of Universities, offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Highly-ranked by US News & World Report’s Best Colleges list; also an innovator in sustainability, innovation, and global education.

If your GRE score is 300 or above, SUNY Albany could be an excellent choice for your graduate degree program. Furthermore, this university offers scholarships to applicants with exceptional academic records; therefore it would be wise to review its website for admission requirements and information.

GRE score requirements will differ based on your program type and school. As well as taking note of minimum and maximum GRE score requirements for your chosen university / program.

To increase your chances of admission into an American university, aim for a score of 320 or higher on the GRE Prep + exam. Practice using this preparation tool will increase your odds of surpassing this benchmark score.

ASU is a public university ranked among the top 100 in the US. As a comprehensive institution offering graduate and undergraduate programs at both graduate and undergraduate levels, ASU boasts an outstanding acceptance rate for applications to its programs with majors spanning business, engineering, teaching, social work and law majors available. Furthermore, ASU boasts more than 20 national centers of excellence that make research opportunities even greater at ASU.

CSU Fresno is one of 23 campuses within the California State University system and boasts eight schools and colleges offering bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees as well as many popular programs related to nursing and health science.

If you are considering applying to Cleveland State University for your master’s degree, be aware that they boast an impressive research reputation and offer numerous programs to choose from. Their extensive library, excellent faculty and state-of-the-art facilities make this university highly desirable to students pursuing this degree path. They also boast a high acceptance rate – so if your GRE score exceeds 290 it may be worthwhile applying.