Study in Lithuania

Study in Lithuania

Study in Lithuania can provide the ideal platform to pursue your professional dreams, with its diverse academic programmes and qualifications recognized globally. Plus, this small European nation boasts one of the fastest internet networks globally!

Lithuania offers universities offering Bachelor and Master degrees in Business, Psychology, Communication, International Relations or Theology that will meet your academic requirements. There are also short-term study programmes and language summer courses which offer full academic credit equal to full degrees.

Tuition fees depend on the course and institution chosen, and are typically paid in local currency. EU students can apply for state scholarships that may help cover some or all tuition expenses and other expenses.

Lithuania offers an affordable monthly cost of living at around 900 Euro, much lower than many Western countries. Furthermore, part-time jobs make balancing studies with work easy while providing additional time for exploring this beautiful nation.

Lithuania is an EU member and therefore most students don’t require a visa in order to study there; however those from outside must apply for a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) through their chosen university and apply with assistance from the International Relations Office.

Lithuania offers an abundance of universities and study programmes due to its membership of the EU, Council of Europe, Nordic-Baltic Eight, Nordic Investment Bank and NATO. There is something here for anyone in engineering, computer science, business administration, actuarial science occupational safety health graphic multimedia design medicine logistics.

Lithuania offers a friendly and welcoming society. Students gather after lectures or seminars at various pubs and clubs, while you’ll meet many members of the local community at many international student events hosted throughout the year.

Soak up the vibrant culture of this small and beautiful country – whether by strolling through Vilnius’ historic streets, snowboarding at Europe’s largest indoor ski resort in Druskininkai or exploring nature at one of Lithuania’s tree-top adventure parks! Your time spent here will surely make an impressionful impression upon those you meet – not to mention attending cultural and social events at museums, theatres and concert halls; visiting historical sites; or experiencing Lithuania’s fascinating journey from independence from Soviet Russia in early 1990s!