Taking Finance Courses in New Zealand

New Zealand is an idyllic country known for its breathtaking natural beauty and top-tier universities. No surprise then that students from around the globe come here in droves; students interested in finance should consider studying at one of these top institutions – many prominent companies like ACC, DB Breweries and TelstraClear require such credentials when hiring staff.

Bachelors degrees in finance typically take three to five years to complete and will cover topics like business law, accounting and economics as well as valuation of assets and making financial decisions using quantitative tools. Some institutions even offer trading rooms designed specifically to give students real world experience of the financial industry; one example being Massey University which features Bloomberg financial terminals along with information and news screens designed to support student learning.

International students who excel in their bachelor’s degrees may qualify for a highly sought-after master’s degree in finance, which opens many doors for career advancement. New Zealand is well known for welcoming international students with open arms and its reputation of offering quality education is legendary; what’s more, studying here can often be more affordable than in some other international nations.