F1 Visa Duration

f1 visa duration

Indian students dreaming of studying at top-ranking universities often turn their eyes towards America as their dream destination. Meeting all academic, financial and visa requirements may be tough – F1 Visa being one of the most sought-after among US student visas offers certain privileges and rules which must be observed to keep your status valid.

F1 Visa Duration

Your US student visa is only valid for the length of your program and all courses must be completed during this timeframe. F1 visa holders can work 20 hours each week on campus during academic term time, as well as applying for optional Practical Training (OPT) after graduation.

To qualify for an F1 visa, first be admitted into an SEVP approved school. When receiving your Form I-20 from this school, submit an online nonimmigrant visa application DS-160 along with payment of its fee of $160 before scheduling an interview at your local US Embassy or Consulate.

At your interview, the visa officer will assess if you have sufficient finances to support your studies in the USA and your plans of returning home upon graduation. They may ask for evidence that shows you can cover one year’s tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance premiums and miscellaneous costs.

US immigration law dictates that some applications will be rejected due to insufficient proof of strong ties to your home country or misrepresenting information in your application. Furthermore, criminal convictions or being considered a security risk may cause rejection as well.