Grants to Study Abroad

grants to study abroad

Study abroad programs span the globe and are available for art history classes in Italy to public health studies in Norway. Students benefit from international experiences that broaden their perspective of cultures and societies that will strengthen future job prospects; but many cannot afford the expense. Many organizations recognize how beneficial studying abroad is and offer grants that make studying overseas more affordable for college students.

Scholarships to study abroad may help cover the costs of programs, travel expenses and living costs. Before studying abroad, students should meet with their study abroad advisor and review financial aid options to see how a foreign exchange fits into their overall educational plan. Also be mindful that federal student loans or other types of aid could be affected by academic credit earned during foreign programs.

Study abroad grants are offered by many different organizations, such as private companies, universities and foundations. Some scholarships are tailored specifically to specific groups, including first-generation, minority and STEM major students as well as those attending community colleges. Others are tailored specifically toward students with significant financial need, like the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship that assists U.S. undergraduates who demonstrate exceptional financial need to study abroad. Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) and Freeman Awards for Study in Asia also offer scholarships that enable students to travel to less-than-typical destinations or learn languages not usually available through universities.