GRE Exam Fee in India

gre exam fee in india

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a widely recognized standard test for those applying to postgraduate programs in the United States and other countries. Administered by Educational Testing Service, you can register both online or over the phone using any payment method including credit/debit card, PayPal or an e-check; additional services like rescheduling and extra score reports cost extra as well.

GRE scores can be invaluable to graduate school applicants as they can be submitted to numerous schools, providing students with more options when choosing programs to suit their career objectives. To maximize GRE scores, consider purchasing preparation books, taking classes or hiring a tutor; ETS also offers free practice tests which may prove helpful if you’re uncertain what the test itself entails.

The GRE exam is offered year-round, with registration procedures differing depending on where you plan to test. While some locations only offer computer-delivered tests, others provide both paper and computer versions of it. You can find more information regarding registration and testing dates at the official GRE website. If taking it from home, ensure your computer meets requirements and select an environment free from distractions; otherwise contact your test center directly for guidance if unsure whether your computer can support taking this exam.


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