Indian Students Studying in France

indian students in france

Indian students studying abroad can immerse themselves in another culture while learning a foreign language, widening their perspective and deepening their understanding of international cultures. Furthermore, studying in France provides a first-rate education experience which could prove invaluable in future careers.

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs provides numerous scholarships for Indian students studying in France. This scholarship program covers tuition fees as well as providing a monthly stipend.

It also covers air tickets and train travel expenses; covers two-year residence permits for graduates of state-recognized universities; covers cost of housing (rent search assistance included) as well as rental payments; helps secure housing when necessary and more.

The French government has also introduced a program allowing Indian students to work while studying in France. Under this programme, Indian students may work part-time for up to 964 hours annually with an hourly wage minimum of 9.67 euros – this will cover some living costs while making studies more enjoyable; however they must make sure not to let work interfere with their studies too much as French authorities carefully review each application; should their visa be cancelled if too many Indian students are working too many hours, their visa could be cancelled immediately.