Schooling Visa in New Zealand

New Zealand provides schooling visas that enable full-time studies at schools or institutes endorsed on your visa, with permission for part-time work during study periods (depending on visa conditions).

Apply for your student visa either online or through an Immigration Advisor/Visa Centre. When applying online, RealMe makes it easy to track its progress; otherwise use VisaView website instead.

Once you’ve obtained your visa, it’s important to make sure all information is accurate. If there are any queries or changes required in terms of course or accommodation changes, contact your Education Provider immediately.

All students (excluding short-term visitors ) must register with ENROL’s Enrolment system. For international students this includes both fee-paying student visas and New Zealand government support visas; pathway student visa holders who complete their studies can then apply for post-study work visas.

Everyone studying in New Zealand on a student visa must obtain health and travel insurance, which must be verified with your Immigration Officer as part of your student visa requirements. If you’re on a pathway student visa, your initial programme of study may qualify you for work rights; otherwise you can request a variation of condition to gain them after your studies are finished.


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