Study Abroad Checklist

Study Abroad Checklist

Study Abroad Checklist (SACh) helps make planning for study abroad less daunting by visually organizing essential items to complete prior to departure date. No matter if you begin this process one year in advance or only recently decided on it – this list will keep your trip running smoothly and help ensure an unforgettable study abroad experience!

Select an Appropriate Study Abroad Program

Finding the appropriate study abroad program is an integral component of planning your journey abroad, as it will influence both academic experience and success on site. Begin your search, visit various programs available, schedule appointments to discuss them with Study Abroad Advisors, then research local culture and customs that coincide with your educational goals as well as confirm if the university you have selected meets academic requirements necessary to continue with your degree program successfully.

Apply for a Passport

Achieve success when studying abroad means getting their passport early; as it could take up to four months after applying to receive it. Begin this process early so that it arrives before your trip takes place and avoid any last minute rush.

Enrol in the Foreign Study Placeholder Course

Students should enrol in FSTDY 300/303 through their online study abroad account as part of the first step towards ensuring financial aid will cover their international study expenses.

Verify Your Medical Insurance

Though a student should rarely require emergency healthcare while traveling abroad, it’s still wise to make sure their policy covers any unexpected incidents that might arise during their trip. Do some research on local healthcare options as well as whether their health plan will apply in their destination country.

An International Student ID Card Acquiring an international student ID card for your student can be an excellent investment, providing access to discounts on travel and services across the globe. It may even save money when they travel out of the US as it can save on public transport and other essentials.

Pack Properly A comprehensive packing list is essential when studying abroad, to ensure all essentials are included in their luggage. Make sure your student does their research about their destination country to identify which clothing and other items may be necessary (some countries have dress codes; women in public may need head coverings etc).

Safety Precautions

Being proactive about your student’s physical and mental wellbeing while studying abroad is vital to their success. Make sure they’re up-to-date on any required vaccinations as well as making an appointment with their local doctor in case any health issues arise during their journey.

Make sure that your student has a list of emergency contacts and a way to reach them, including their cell phone provider and advisor at UW-Madison. Furthermore, register their travel through M-Compass so that the University can monitor whereabouts in case of natural disaster or another national security concern.


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