What Does a Study Abroad Advisor Do?

study abroad advisor

Study abroad advisors help students locate and secure educational opportunities outside the classroom. Often part of a school’s larger student support services department, this position may also exist within private organizations and government agencies.

Advisors should encourage all students, regardless of major or degree program, to experience studying abroad. Studying abroad provides students with an excellent opportunity to develop new skills, broaden their worldview and make friends from various cultures – while fulfilling many academic requirements faster and making graduation simpler!

Study abroad advisors can aid their advisees with the planning process by helping to establish goals and explore programs. Furthermore, they should encourage students to look at all elements of their degree plan including both core and elective courses before making any definitive decisions on when it would be appropriate to travel abroad.

Study abroad advisors utilize their marketing skills to promote the benefits of education abroad to both their students and potential employers. They may work with various groups and individuals to produce materials and presentations tailored towards this purpose, and may travel accordingly depending on their employer’s requirements.

Students wishing to meet with an Education Abroad Advisor should arrive for their advising appointment having conducted individual research on programs or locations of interest, with questions and/or concerns prepared beforehand. For course approval approval purposes, follow your college’s study abroad form instructions as guidance.