3 Week Study Abroad Programs

3 week study abroad programs

Study abroad can be an enriching life experience that opens minds and widens horizons. Studying abroad allows individuals to discover new cultures, broaden their global perspectives, and foster deeper acceptance of people from diverse nations.

Students looking to make an impactful impact while lacking time or resources for an extended semester abroad may benefit from enrolling in a three week study abroad program. These programs offer safe, supervised ways of immersing oneself in another culture for a shorter timeframe – whether taking courses at their host university, traveling around to connect with locals, living on campus housing (such as dorms or student apartments) or living with local families – while still earning academic credit towards your studies!

Make this spring break adventure to Toulouse, France unforgettable as you discover its rich cultural history! This program combines on-campus French Practicum classes and immersion into France’s southwestern regional capital Toulouse for a combined immersion experience that will expose students to French history, politics, business practices and cultural issues.

Spend four wonderful weeks immersed in Italy as you experience Roman life and Italian language through Dr. Gabriella Romani’s program led by LVC faculty-led course “Life and Languages in Rome,” followed by a three-credit study abroad component in Florence where art lovers will delight in discovering Renaissance treasures found throughout churches, museums and streets of this ancient city.


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