How Much Does Studying in Australia For Indian Students Cost?

study in australia for indian students cost

Australia is an attractive education hub for Indian students. Offering world-class education at an affordable cost and boasting some of the world’s 100 leading universities, Australia provides world class instruction at an attractive cost. However, before making your decision about studying there it is essential that you assess your financial capabilities carefully.

Tuition fees are just one expense Indian students face when studying abroad in Australia; accommodation, living costs and transportation can add up quickly – which could total several thousand pounds!

Tuition fees vary based on the university and course you wish to pursue. Some universities provide scholarships for international students as a means of alleviating some of their financial strain. Such scholarships could come from government sources or be awarded directly by universities themselves – The University of Melbourne offers numerous such awards for undergraduate, masters, and PhD studies.

Accommodation costs in Australia can range anywhere from AUD$95 to AU$215 per week for shared housing options, providing students with either university halls of residence or private lodging options; some universities also provide free or low cost housing to international students. Students are strongly advised to research all possible housing options prior to making any decisions regarding accommodation options.

Indian students in Australia frequently experience homesickness and culture shock. To combat this, it’s recommended they become active members of their local Indian community by staying connected to local Indian associations; doing this may enable students to meet mentors who provide guidance. It is also crucial for them to travel during holidays in order to learn about local Australian culture and customs.