Study Abroad During the Summer

summer study abroad

Study abroad can enhance your academic perspective, professional goals, and cultural understanding. While most students opt to travel during fall or spring semesters, summer offers another great time for travel abroad – short-term programs offer students an opportunity to travel while still earning credit toward their degrees.

Studying abroad during the summer is especially useful for students looking to broaden their horizons outside their major, or those who can’t leave the workforce for more than one year. Furthermore, studying abroad provides an excellent solution to combat homesickness while exploring long-term studying away from home.

SYA runs an intensive five-week high school summer program in France that combines intensive language and culture lessons both inside and outside the classroom with cultural excursions and meaningful homestays. PC’s University of Business and Economics in Prague provides management-related coursework while giving its students a chance to live in one of Europe’s premier tourist locations.

Studying abroad will enable you to expand your international network and gain experience working with people from various backgrounds, giving you an advantage in the global workplace. No matter your stage in life or career, learning to connect with colleagues across borders can be transformative experience that changes everything for you.