Study Abroad For International Business

Study abroad International Business

International Business students develop an in-depth knowledge of global business practices through studying specific regions around the globe. By understanding cultural and economic factors that impact global operations, study abroad offers students an invaluable opportunity to observe these factors at work – providing graduates with invaluable practice preparing them for global careers.

Participating in a study abroad program within your field of concentration allows you to apply what you learn in class to real-life settings and gain skills that will make you an exceptional employee in any industry. Our WSB Global Programs give you ample opportunities to do just this by expanding academic knowledge about various facets of business while exploring new environments with students from diverse cultures.

Our global experiences range from short-term, semester and international internship programs. No matter if it be Amsterdam for marketing studies or Shanghai to explore Chinese culture and business practices; having international experiences will add new dimensions to your education enhancing marketability and creating well-rounded graduates.

Dependent upon your study abroad program, expect courses that emphasize writing-intensive coursework and foster excellent communication skills–both essential elements for international business majors. Many programs also allow you to complete coursework in the local language of your host country to further increase your capacity to communicate with people from all backgrounds and cultures.

As global markets and interdependence become ever-more intertwined, companies increasingly look for graduates with international experience to fill positions in global organizations. A study abroad program can give you that edge; during your time abroad you’ll learn to identify issues specific to international business and find technically and culturally suitable solutions; furthermore you’ll gain confidence when entering multicultural environments – something which will prove invaluable as you start their careers!

International business curricula mandate a semester-long study abroad experience, approved by your department. Our WSB Global Programs can fulfill this requirement while our partnerships with universities around the globe offer additional options that may fit with your region of focus.


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