Study English and Work in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the world’s most beautiful and peaceful countries, making it an idyllic travel, study, and work destination. New Zealand also stands as an international leader when it comes to sustainability, social justice and equality – it was even the first self-governing nation worldwide to grant women voting rights and recently topped the Global Gender Gap Index report!

New Zealand provides English students with an ideal blend of urban buzz, relaxed retreat and breathtaking natural landscapes for exploring. Students can take part in exciting outdoor activities while meeting native New Zealanders and immersing themselves in local culture. A gap year in New Zealand can also be an excellent opportunity to improve your English while traveling while also gaining invaluable job experience – being fluent in English is highly valued by employers!

Cost of studying English in New Zealand will depend on your institute of choice and type of course chosen, as well as duration. Homestays often offer accommodation that is more cost effective than hotels while some language schools include lunch with their courses; otherwise you should budget for daily living costs – an average restaurant meal costs around NZ$ 18 while monthly bus passes average out at about NZ$ 165.

New Zealand offers an abundance of English language courses, with most options located in larger destinations like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. These range from general programs for adults through business English training for travel. There are even preparation courses for international exams like IELTS.


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