Taking an Entrance Exam For Engineering in the US

entrance exam for engineering in usa

No matter whether you are applying to undergraduate or graduate schools in the US, chances are you will need to take standardised test scores as part of the application process. While this task can be daunting – from selecting your university of choice to scheduling tests – it is crucial not to leave this step for last.

Undergraduate applicants in the US typically must submit either their SAT or ACT test results as part of their application to an undergraduate course. While the SAT exam serves as a general screening mechanism, its subject-specific sections such as geometry, algebra, trigonometry and precalculus cover geometry algebra trigonometry precalculus while on the other hand the ACT Science Reading sections focus on biology chemistry etc.

The Graduate Record Examination, or GRE, is a widely administered standardized test used for graduate school admissions in the United States. It measures verbal and quantitative reasoning skills as well as analytical writing abilities (AWA). Ph.D programs often require this exam. Numerous preparation tools exist – from GMAT courses and online resources – that help candidates take and pass this examination.

The Engineering Fundamentals Exam, or FE Exam, is administered to engineers who are in their final year of college or recently graduated. Passing this test allows individuals to become licensed professional engineers – according to Society of Mechanical Engineers estimates that those holding PE licenses typically earn about $16,000 more annually.