The Most Affordable Universities in Canada

Students from around the globe come to Canada because of its comprehensive higher education options. Canadian universities are widely-recognized for their teaching and research programs, frequently appearing among the top 50 worldwide in QS and THE rankings.

However, studying abroad does come at a price – tuition fees alone may easily reach into the thousands each year. Furthermore, students should take into account cost of living considerations which vary wildly depending on where and what accommodation options are available to them.

As part of their studies in Canada, international students may take advantage of scholarships available both through universities themselves and independent scholarship bodies to make expenses more manageable. Scholarships come in various forms and may even come directly from an organization offering educational services in Canada!

At Canada’s most cost-effective universities, you will find courses in accounting and finance, business economics, engineering technology and computer sciences, among many other subjects. These universities boast excellent employability rates while offering great value to international students studying these courses.

Memorial University of Newfoundland stands out as another affordable university in Atlantic Canada, being one of the largest and most cost-effective universities established to honor those who died during World War One and offering several affordable bachelor degrees with strong concentrations on ocean and marine science as well as encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit among their student body.


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