Why Study in Denmark?

Study in Denmark

Denmark is well known for its bold spirit of innovation, which can be found throughout its tech industries, cutting-edge medical research, world-class design and architecture, and world-renowned design and architecture. Yet this same spirit can also be seen within Denmark’s education system with an emphasis on personal initiative and problem-based learning that gives students an excellent base from which to proceed after graduation.

Danish universities are well-regarded for their modern facilities, rich resources, collaborative teaching methods and strong student-teacher relationships. Many Danish schools also emphasize field work, internships and group projects – an attractive feature to international students studying there at such an affordable cost of living.

Danish tuition is free for citizens, making obtaining your degree without incurring substantial debt possible. Furthermore, the country boasts an impressively high social welfare level – only a minority of Danes live below poverty lines.

Students can find housing near their schools at affordable prices and many courses are offered in English – making studying in Denmark possible even without knowing Danish! Though an understanding of Danish is invaluable for anyone hoping to secure employment there and advance their career goals.

Danes are widely celebrated for their happiness – they consistently rank among the happiest nations worldwide. This sense of hygge can also be found within Denmark’s education system, where an emphasis is placed on inclusivity and equality for all its schools – in fact most Danish schools are designed so everyone can attend.

Danish colleges and universities are popular choices among international students for their attractive tuition fees, collaborative teaching styles, and top-of-the-line student support services. Furthermore, Danish campuses boast beautiful outdoor spaces offering stunning views.

Concerning language issues, most Danes speak English fluently and it’s taught as a second-language in secondary schools – making it easy for students to adapt quickly and feel at home in their new surroundings.

When applying to Danish universities, your grades and final school exams play a vital role. Universities look closely at subjects related to your desired field of study – for instance if you wish to study engineering they’ll want to see your marks in mathematics and physics as these will be key components.

Though studies were cancelled during the COVID-19 pandemic, students still found internships and part-time work easily in China. Furthermore, the government introduced an incentive scheme giving companies incentive to hire foreign graduates.


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