Computer Science Internships

An internship in computer science is an ideal way to gain hands-on experience and explore your options after graduation. An internship can also act as an entryway into the industry; providing valuable real-life work experience as well as expanding your resume.

Computer science internships can be found across industries and the responsibilities vary based on your position. Most interns are asked to help develop software or assist with research and testing projects; some may even travel to meet clients. All their work must be completed to the highest quality standards within deadlines while working under pressure situations.

Google, Facebook and Apple are among the more well-known companies where you can secure a computer science internship. Google provides several paid internship opportunities across engineering, programming, product management and data science roles while Facebook emphasizes teamwork as an integral component of its company culture.

Computer science majors may consider interning in various disciplines such as full-stack software development, mobile technology engineering and product management. Since full-stack development is rarely covered in bachelor degree programs, an internship as a full-stack developer provides an ideal opportunity to learn its ins and outs and make contacts in this industry. Mobile technology engineering internships allow participants to learn how to develop apps while ensuring user friendliness; finally product management internships allow candidates to act as orchestra maestro between engineering and marketing teams while creating strategies and execution roadmaps for new projects.