Cost of Medical School in France

Cost can be an obstacle to entry to medical school; however, scholarships and financial aid programs exist to assist aspiring doctors with financing their studies. Furthermore, many universities offer reduced tuition rates for international students studying medicine in France. This article will highlight some of the best options for studying medicine there.

An average medical degree takes nine years in France. The first two years consist of the PCEM course (Premiere Cycle d’etudes medicales). This general scientific training does not involve hospital practice and ends with a competitive exam to decide who moves onto their second track of education.

Second cycle clinical training occurs over four years in hospitals, which includes research and thesis defense. Third and final cycle is comprised of national classification test and hospital training leading up to a state doctor of medicine diploma.

France offers very reasonable and much lower costs associated with medical school study than many other countries, especially when compared to many of Europe’s countries. Aside from tuition costs, students should expect other fees such as application and living expenses to cover before applying. Fluency in French will assist when communicating with patients who speak the language directly.


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