Cost of Study in New Zealand For Indian Students

New Zealand is an idyllic study abroad destination with stunning natural landscapes and an idyllic lifestyle, making it a top study abroad choice. Home to eight universities ranked within the top 350, studying master’s in New Zealand offers global recognition, affordability and career potential for its graduates.

New Zealand tuition fees for bachelor’s degrees typically run to NZ$25,000 annually, though fees for certain subjects may be higher. Furthermore, international students typically must pay an annual foreign student fee of NZ$1,250.

Students need to budget for housing and living costs in addition to tuition expenses, which may differ based on location, university and spending habits. According to general estimates in New Zealand, an estimate for living expenses might be NZ$15,000/US$10200 annually.

Students can reduce some costs of studying in New Zealand by working part-time while on study visa. Furthermore, student cards offer discounts and deals on food, travel, entertainment and airfares, along with studying abroad scholarships or education loans to reduce overall costs. Careful planning and budgeting will make the cost of studying in New Zealand manageable for Indian students so they can achieve their dream of receiving quality education there – contact Leverage Edu today for more details!


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