Study and Work Abroad For Free

study and work abroad for free

Study and work abroad programs are generally expensive, but students can still make them cost-effective by setting a budget, choosing an appropriate country, and participating in free volunteer and travel abroad programs. By making these steps affordable for themselves they can get a taste of international life without blowing all their student loan.

France, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Austria are the top-five most sought-after and cost-effective study destinations. French universities such as Sorbonne don’t charge tuition fees and offer scholarships for international students from all backgrounds; University of Tasmania in Australia and University of Auckland in New Zealand both provide reasonably priced educations rates with annual tuition at approximately $6000.

At an undergraduate level, public schools in Norway provide free tuition to both local and international students alike. At master’s and PhD levels however, tuition charges apply and English-language programs tend to be more popular (Top Universities, nd).

Iceland stands out as an attractive option for international students looking for free public school tuition; however, registration fees of approximately $7,500 a year apply.

College students looking for international adventures on a budget have another way of experiencing it: participating in an Au Pair program. In exchange for free room and board, participants assist their host family with household duties in return for free room and board. It’s an amazing opportunity for college students to experience international travel while meeting new people while building skills and making friends while simultaneously broadening their horizons and expanding career options.