Study in Latvia

Study in Latvia

Studying in Latvia is fast becoming a top choice among international students due to its vibrant culture, beautiful natural scenery and outstanding higher education system. Furthermore, students may take advantage of state scholarship programs which waive tuition fee waivers for tuition fee waivers – however it is essential that applicants remember the deadlines as these change each year.

Italy provides students from around the globe an attractive selection of study opportunities. There are 36 public institutions and 200 private universities, following Bologna system’s three levels of education – bachelor, masters and doctorate degrees.

Information technology, mechanical engineering, real estate management and food science are popular courses at Latvian universities; however, Latvia also provides other degree options like agriculture, medical physics and aviation transport.

Latvia is home to many universities with strong international focus and reputation in academia, such as the University of Latvia – one of the best Baltic schools ranked amongst the QS World University Rankings’ top 50. Additionally, this university hosts multiple research centers as well as faculty who have won multiple teaching excellence awards.

Latvia stands out for its exceptional education standards as well as its cultural diversity and rich history. Riga, its capital city and an UNESCO World Heritage site with the highest concentration of Art Nouveau architecture anywhere in Europe is famed for its lively nightlife as well as countless restaurants offering diverse international cuisines.

Therefore, students can find an array of social activities easily. Aside from university sports clubs, there are also countless community organizations such as choirs, orchestras and dance ensembles offering activities specifically targeted to students.

Students can explore Latvia’s rich cultural landscape by visiting museums and roaming through its countryside. Latvia may be small in terms of population size but boasts plenty of historical and natural attractions – its capital, Riga is home to some of the finest restaurants and architecture anywhere on the continent!

As opposed to some other European countries, Latvia does not require students to obtain a visa before arriving there. Instead, universities in Latvia will assist students with this process and assist if any issues arise during it. Visa processing typically takes around one month, and universities will provide housing in their dormitories or hostels to ease this process and make life simpler compared to hotel stays. Students also enjoy making international friends and experiencing different cultures during their study time in Latvia – providing an enriching and well-rounded experience that they can take forward into future careers.


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