Universities in Europe That Teach in English

Europe boasts many universities offering English as a second language courses, but selecting the appropriate university is important for success. Some have excellent reputations while others may be more cost effective or even free for european students; additionally, some even boast beautiful environments and great facilities.

Study abroad opportunities in Europe have never been better! Universities that teach in English are offering tuition discounts and scholarships to attract international students, making applying and enrolling easier for international students. Furthermore, most European universities also provide degrees taught entirely in English making applications simpler for international applicants and enrollees alike.

Oxford University stands out among European universities that teach in english with its long tradition of producing world leaders and its incredible library, which ranks third worldwide by Times Higher Education. Furthermore, it hosts many academic conferences and cultural events of an exceptional nature – it holds third position globally!

University of Cambridge in Europe renowned for teaching in english was established in 1546 and is known for its expertise in both science and humanities disciplines, research excellence, and was the first university worldwide to establish a school of philosophy.

EPFL is an internationally acclaimed engineering and science university located in Switzerland. Ranked 19th by THE, EPFL boasts breathtaking campuses overlooking Lake Geneva with undergraduate and graduate degree programs available in English.


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