College Study Abroad Programs

college study abroad programs

Studying abroad can be an enriching college experience that introduces students to different cultures and experiences while broadening their worldview and increasing independence. Although study-abroad programs aren’t for everyone, finding the appropriate study-abroad program can create memories that last a lifetime – it’s essential for all students to evaluate whether studying abroad makes sense for them by reviewing goals, program options, finances and funding opportunities before making this decision.

Many colleges provide study-abroad programs or partner with external organizations for these trips. The University of Dallas, for example, offers its Cherrington Global Scholars scholarship as a way of offsetting costs associated with studying abroad. They also host an outstanding semester-long program in Rome that gives students the chance to live in an Italian villa while exploring Western traditions and exploring Italy as they travel around.

Other schools, like Syracuse University, have overseas centers that enable their students to tailor their academic experiences according to individual interests. Such centers may feature courses taught by local faculty members as well as internships and community engagement activities that develop intercultural sensitivity and adaptability – skills highly sought by employers.

Bard College provides study-abroad programs around the globe, such as its summer Berlin Program that explores its rich cultural past. Furthermore, they offer their Global Cities Initiative that combines academic work with travel to Hong Kong, Singapore and Beijing for academic credit as well as developing an expanded perspective of global culture and society.


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