How to Lower Your Ireland University Cost

ireland university cost

Studying abroad for the first time may seem expensive, but being budget conscious and making use of student discounts will allow you to reduce expenses while enjoying all that Ireland has to offer. Furthermore, the Irish government provides numerous scholarships and funding programs specifically for international students.

Tuition fees at universities vary based on your fee status and course type. Undergrads from EU/EEA countries/Switzerland qualify for no tuition fees at public universities as they qualify for Ireland’s “Free Fees Initiative”, while students from non-EU countries have to pay tuition fees that range between 6,000-12,000 EUR each year.

Accommodation costs are an integral component of studying in Ireland. Students have several options for accommodation: student residence halls, renting/sharing an apartment or living with local families are all effective means of cutting living costs; monthly food expenses should not be too excessive – usually between 250 EUR-350 EUR on average.

Consider also the costs associated with visa and insurance applications and policies when planning your time in Ireland. Full-time students may apply for a Student Assistance Fund which can assist with bills, food, travel and medical costs; you could also purchase an International Student Identity Card which offers discounts at various vendors and travel services.