Study Abroad Over Winter Break

winter break study abroad

Every year, thousands of college students travel abroad on semester or year-long programs to experience new cultures while taking courses at local universities. Students often view this experience as one of their most unforgettable and enriching memories; yet what about those students who cannot commit the time or funds necessary?

These students can still gain experience and earn credit by participating in short-term study abroad programs during winter break. Since these immersive international travel courses take place between terms, they do not interfere with students’ regular academic schedules or graduation plans.

Short-term study abroad programs also offer greater flexibility and affordability compared to full semester study abroad programs, typically costing much less than similar on-campus classes and offering credit towards your degree at Davidson. Furthermore, credits earned through short-term study abroad programs can often be transferred back onto your Davidson schedule so there will be no disruptions during your academic journey!

No matter your interests, there’s sure to be a study abroad program tailored specifically to you. Explore your options now, rather than letting fear of missing an incredible experience stop you from making the most of your time at Davidson!


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