Study Abroad to Develop Cross-Cultural Communication and Collaboration Skills

Study abroad Construction Management

Construction managers are accountable for overseeing commercial, industrial, and domestic building projects from start to finish. Due to its global nature, this job often requires communication with clients, subcontractors, suppliers from different countries and regions – studying abroad can help develop cross-cultural communication and collaboration skills necessary for an international career in construction management.

World population numbers are increasing rapidly and with that comes an anticipated demand for housing and workspaces. A construction manager’s role is to meet this need efficiently and cost-effectively – it involves understanding engineering principles, materials, team work and leadership as well as working well alone or with others on complex construction projects. A construction management degree equips graduates with these transferable skills that they can apply throughout their career path.

If you choose to pursue a construction management degree online, you will have access to lectures, materials and coursework via your computer or tablet at any time and from any location around the world. While studying an online Construction Management degree can offer greater flexibility than studying in-class degrees, discipline remains key as regular assignments and exams must still be met on schedule.

Before choosing an online university that provides Construction Management degrees, it is crucial that you do thorough research. Be sure to consider their ranking, degrees offered, tuition costs and graduation requirements as well as whether any scholarships or financial support exists for their students.

Online Construction Management degrees can be completed full- or part-time, providing an ideal option for individuals unable to commit to on-campus courses for one year. When studying remotely it’s important to factor in how much time is necessary and whether tutors offer similar support as would occur when in attendance on-campus.

Short-term study abroad programs are an excellent way to begin your international experience and can be used to fulfill general education, major free electives, language requirements or 2nd major/minor requirements. Planning ahead by consulting your adviser and the Learning Abroad Center early will help ensure you customize your Academic Planning for Study Abroad (APSA) form to maximize international opportunities while staying on schedule for timely graduation.


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