Study French and Work in France

study french and work in france

French courses abroad aren’t just great ways to bolster your resume; they can transform you as an individual. Immersing yourself in another culture while learning the language helps develop independence, adaptability and cross-cultural communication skills that employers value highly.

Study French in France France boasts an exciting, European culture filled with landmarks like the Louvre and Cathedral Notre Dame as well as charming cities such as Aix-en-Provence, Strasbourg in Alsace and Nice on the Mediterranean coast that provide something to see and do for everyone.

Paris is home to almost 2 million inhabitants and serves as the capital city of France. A cultural hub, it features diverse cuisine and fashion scenes and boasts an internationally-recognized university; providing opportunities for business, politics and fashion alike.

Many students choose to study French and work in France in order to gain practical experience at one of France’s numerous renowned companies and institutions. Both large and small firms recognize the value of multilingual employees; some even offering extra pay for those speaking French fluently.

One popular option is working as a teaching assistant at one of France’s public schools. This program allows you to earn a wage while fulfilling visa requirements for working there, with travel opportunities between families’ homes and tutoring children in English – some companies that hire teaching assistants also provide their own specialized training – Babylangues offers its tutors cell phones so they can stay in contact easily!


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