Study in South America

Study in South America

Study in South America and gain insight into a continent full of diversity. From European influences in Argentina and Uruguay to tropical landscapes with beaches on both the Caribbean and Pacific oceans in Colombia; stunning, rugged peaks and glaciers in Chile – you will experience all this diversity first-hand while uncovering rich histories, cultures and histories evident through architecture, food, music and dance, literature museums or ancient ruins; you will meet friendly locals welcoming even though many live in poverty.

Bachelor degrees typically take three or four years to complete in South America, depending on the country and type of program. CIEE programs in Latin America give students the flexibility and freedom they need to study what they want – where they want – while also gaining valuable cultural experiences through excursions, homestays, volunteer opportunities and diverse coursework.

CIEE offers Latin America’s widest range of semester, year, and master’s degree programs – from bustling Buenos Aires to Santiago’s lively capital – taught at top-ranked universities across the continent. Our semester, year, and master’s degree offerings cover everything from vibrant city centers like Buenos Aires to exciting capitals such as Santiago.

Your classes and cultural experiences will give you the chance to interact with local students from a range of cultures, providing you with an insight into the complexity of our world while increasing global awareness.

South American countries offer some of the most cost-effective student destinations around, from food and transportation expenses to weekend trips and vacations. You may even opt to live in smaller cities such as Mendoza or Valparaiso to further cut costs and stretch out your money further.

Latin American Studies encompasses a broad field, often found within departments specializing in Development Studies, Geography, Anthropology, Caribbean and Transatlantic Studies or Globalization Studies.

Focus your studies more narrowly by exploring one area of Latin America such as Bolivia’s high mountains or Ecuador’s beautiful lakes, or exploring Latin American art history or literature from this amazing region.

Language study abroad programs in South America can be particularly rewarding; each country boasts its own special variety of Spanish with accents and slang that differs depending on where you travel. You will also have an opportunity to experience Brazilian Portuguese dialects as well as indigenous tongues from Venezuela and Ecuador – each is offering its own exciting journey! We are here to guide your journey!