Study Medicine in UK Universities

study medicine in uk universities

Studying medicine at UK universities is no simple feat, with students needing to pass rigorous exams and meet stringent admissions requirements to gain admission into medical school. But once inside, career prospects can be bright – graduates frequently work abroad in countries such as the US or Canada after graduating their degree.

Studying medicine in the UK will not only give you valuable experience in global healthcare settings, but it will also enhance your comprehension of English as a global medical language – creating a well-rounded, flexible doctor ready to apply their talents anywhere around the globe.

If you want to study medicine in the UK, UCAS (similar to Hong Kong’s JUPAS) must first be applied through. Once this process has been completed, successful applicants will receive offers from universities; either conditional or unconditional offers may be made available to them.

In the UK, 45 medical schools are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). They can be found throughout the country – five in Scotland, two in Wales, and nine in England – making it easy to select one suited specifically for you based on your preferences.

Typically, most medical schools in the UK follow a standard curriculum. You’ll begin your medical school career learning diverse science-based theories from broad disciplines (such as pathology, anatomy and physiology). Later on you’ll go on to clinical environments to complete their training.


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