Top Reasons Why Choose New Zealand to Study Abroad

Students frequently select New Zealand as a study abroad destination because of its welcoming people. Kiwis are used to meeting people from various parts of the globe as both residents and tourists frequently visit, making it easy to make friends quickly and feel welcome during your time spent there.

New Zealand stands out as an environmentally conscious and safe nation; using 80% renewable energy sources with plans to reach 100% by 2035.

New Zealand boasts an exceptional education system. Its universities are highly-ranked across global league tables, while tuition is among the lowest globally. Furthermore, New Zealand’s government employs an intensive quality control process for each course, program or certificate offered within its borders to ensure they remain of high standard.

New Zealand offers an abundance of activities and sights for an adventure-loving student looking for a study abroad destination. Surfing, snowboarding, skiing or horseback riding – whatever it is you enjoy doing there’s sure to be something to keep everyone occupied here!

New Zealand is an idyllic destination, and easy to explore thanks to the robust transportation infrastructure – from bus and train systems, as well as flights between main islands. Also, as it is relatively compact island nation, there’s always plenty to see and do within close proximity of where you live or school.