Academic and Culturally Significant Summer Study Abroad France Programs

summer study abroad france

The Department of French & Francophone Studies is delighted to provide several summer study abroad france opportunities that are both academically and culturally enriching for its students. Because each student’s needs and interests differ, we work closely with each to identify both academic goals as well as personal ones. Some students choose a program because it fits with their major (such as semester-long requirements for French majors) while others may select locations based on climate or academic reputation (for instance Toulouse for engineering studies or Bordeaux for wine).

Short and extended study abroad experiences are both available through us in France. While the former allows students to practice and improve their French in an everyday francophone community environment, latter aim to deepen students’ cultural understanding through various activities, such as attending cultural workshops or excursions.

This popular program gives students an immersive French cultural experience while living with a family in Paris, known for their hospitality towards American guests. Furthermore, extensive linguistic and cultural study in this “City of Light” will be supplemented by lectures and readings.

This immersive academic program offers an academically-focused experience to gain a deeper knowledge of France’s economic and political systems while expanding linguistic proficiency. Spanning six weeks, three of those spent in Tours followed by two in Paris will earn students up to six credits while fulfilling study abroad requirements for French majors and minors.