Best Universities in Asia for International Students

best universities in asia for international students

Asia has recently emerged as one of the top study destinations for international students, boasting diverse cultures, traditions and education systems that draw them in from all around the globe. Furthermore, relatively lower costs associated with studying in Asian countries has further propelled this massive student influx.

National University of Singapore, more commonly referred to as NUS, is a research-intensive university offering a diverse selection of disciplines. Ranked 10th on the 2022 QS University Rankings, it’s an increasingly popular choice among undergraduate students interested in bachelor degrees with substantial research components integrated into their curriculum. With 14 faculties and schools comprising its student body – 20%+ comprise international students alone!

Another top choice is the University of Hong Kong, ranked 12th by QS University Rankings 2022. This university is well known for its research in business, science, engineering, humanities arts medicine and social sciences and boasts an exceptional global reputation as well as outstanding teaching quality.

Tsinghua University, situated in Beijing’s northwest city, is China’s oldest and most prestigious university. Renowned for its research into Chinese politics, economics and foreign policy as well as English-taught master’s degrees on topics including public policy engineering music; Tsinghua’s alumni include President Xi Jinping!