Best Universities in New Zealand For MBA

Employing your MBA degree from one of New Zealand’s premier universities for MBA can open doors and make you a valuable member of any business enterprise. These top schools provide top-quality MBA programs, which focus on both theory and practical application of concepts – giving you all the skills and insight to advance in any industry worldwide. New Zealand provides an ideal study destination with its student-friendly culture and affordable living costs, making it the perfect place to study the business of management.

The University of Auckland was recently ranked 10th by QS in 2020, offering an MBA program that covers the spectrum of modern business disciplines. Its research-oriented curriculum emphasizes global business, digital transformation and leadership; ultramodern infrastructure and interactive classrooms also play an important role here; in addition, extracurricular activities allow students to develop both hard and soft skills necessary for managing businesses effectively.

Massey University, ranked 300th by QS rankings, offers another great option for MBA studies in New Zealand. Their MBA program boasts specialisations such as Digital Transformation, Business Sustainability and International Marketing to make for an unforgettable learning experience. Their unique teaching-and-learning methods make Massey one of the premier MBA colleges.

applicants seeking an MBA in New Zealand must possess either a bachelor’s degree with honours or master’s degree in their chosen field, along with an excellent GMAT score (at least 600 or equivalent).