Cost of Studying Medicine in Canada

cost of studying medicine in canada

Canada is an increasingly popular choice among medical students around the globe, due to its world-renowned universities and high-quality education systems, which draw thousands of international students every year to come study here.

Canadian medical schools have much lower tuition costs than their American and UK counterparts, making studying medicine here an attractive and cost-effective option for many international students. If you are thinking about enrolling, saving early and searching for scholarships/grants to cover tuition can help make medical school affordable.

To gain entry into a medical program in Canada, you will first need to pass the National Entrance Examination for Medical Schools (NEET), then apply and complete their application processes, then sit for the MCAT examination – once these requirements have been fulfilled and your studies can commence!

International students studying medicine degrees in Canada typically face annual expenses between CAD 30000 and 125000 per year for tuition and living costs, including living costs such as rent.

Costs associated with studying medical courses in Canada tend to be higher than for other subjects due to additional textbook and materials costs; however, overall expenses remain considerably less than most countries due to low living costs; students can therefore save money for other expenses while attending study courses in this country.


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