Free Masters Programs in Europe

free masters programs in europe

As an undergraduate pursuing their degree program, looking to make a career transition, or seeking different academic and life experiences, studying abroad may be worth exploring. You’ll find many programs in Europe offering graduate degrees that will equip you with skills needed for success in any of the fields you desire – many at free or substantially less cost than similar offerings in the United States.

Many European Union nations provide master’s programs at no or low costs to EU nationals thanks to a treaty known as the Bologna Declaration, which established an internationally comparable degree system. Participating nations coordinated their courses and programs so that students moving between universities could transfer credits without issue.

Norway, Germany and Iceland are three European Union (EU) member countries which do not impose tuition fees for students studying in them; however there may be certain conditions imposed when enrolling outside of the EU – an administration fee between $100 – $300 must be paid each semester along with living costs and healthcare expenses.

No matter where you decide to study for your master’s, it is essential that you remember you will likely spend money on items like airfare, accommodations and meals during your degree program. Plan ahead financially for these costs and create a budget so you can be properly equipped.