How to Apply For a Student Visa From Bangladesh

usa student visa from bangladesh

The United States of America (US), an expansive country comprising 50 states, territories, and possessions, is an extremely popular study abroad destination among international students. Offering an array of academic programs at top-ranked universities and boasting many diverse study abroad opportunities, the US offers international students an ideal setting in which to pursue higher education.

Applying for a student visa to the US from Bangladesh can be complex and time consuming, so it’s crucial that you gather all of the pertinent information before initiating the process. Here we discuss different types of student visas to the US from Bangladesh as well as how to apply and gain admission successfully for studies here.

F1 Student Visa

Bangladeshi students seeking admission into higher learning institutions that are certified by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) may qualify for F1 Student Visas. In order to be granted such a student visa, one must first have been admitted into an SEVP-certified university.

M1 Student Visa

Bangladeshi students seeking vocational and non-academic study opportunities in the US. In order to be considered, M1 visas require them to submit a statement of purpose (SOP), outlining why they wish to study here as well as providing evidence that they will support themselves financially while studying here. Furthermore, their passport should remain valid without being expired as well as be capable of paying any visa application fees which may arise.